“I prefer to look at the positive side of things!” (Zilda Arns Neumann)

A women of courage! Dr. Zilda lived to defend and to promote the children, pregnant women and elderly, to build a more just and fraternal society, with less disease and human suffering.

In her work, the scientific knowledge was aways related to the popular culture; valued the role of the poor women in the social transformation; she mobilized everyone, the poor and the rich, the illiterate and the doctors, in the search of Full Life for all. She used to say: “There is a lot to be done, because the social inequality is high. The efforts that are being done need to be valued so they can generate others even bigger.”

She died on January 12, 2010 in the earthquake that devastated Haiti. On that day, she spoke about how to save lives with simple, educative and preventive measures. She did what she always said: bring more people together to join in the pursuit of “life in abundance” for poor children and pregnant women.

She left her mark on the history of Brazil when founded and coordinated the Pastoral Care for Children and Pastoral Care for the Elderly.

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